Appreciation letter

December 07, 2018

The 29th version of Doha International book fair comes to end on December 8. We would like to thank all individuals and organizations who approached the book fair organizers with ideas and suggestions.

Qatar is a multicultural society, we celebrate tolerance, diversity, acceptance, and commitment to universal human values.

Our commitment to these values is reflected in the book fair guidelines. In fact, the book fair management issued a participation charter for all publishers to adhere to. The charter states that“commitment to the freedom of publication in all fields is a responsibility that preserves human dignity by not inciting rimes, hatred, spreading dissension, or agitating sectarian, racial or religious strife.”

The book fair management highly appreciate any comments, remarks, or feedback, from visitors, civil society entities, and nonprofit organizationsregarding the book fair organization, book titles, publishers etc.

We want to thank who brought to our attention some book titles that didn’t respect the book fair guidelines stated in the publisher’s charter.

The 29th version of the Doha International book fair was a great success by all standards. So, we would like to thank all parties participated in this amazing cultural experience celebrating cultural diversity,acceptance, and peace.